List of budgeting tasks -

  •  automation:
    • formation of the statistical model and budget template preparation, taking into account the trend of sales, market models, new prices and other factors,
    • recalculation of implementation sums, cost of goods, volume of sales budget, proposed revenue and profitability analysis,
    • generation from sales budget - templates of operating budgets purchasing and / or production company,
    • coordination and monitoring of budget execution,
      • enterprise subdivisions - supply, production, sales,
      • key partners in the marketing channel of distribution, who are using internet system or a vertical B2B marketing support system for sales channel,
    • management accounting development.


Sales planning scheme:

 shema proc form bud
The main steps of budget automated using and support:
  • generation from approved editions of operating budgets,
    • procurement, production, sales,
  • control of budget execution,
    • forecast deviation notification of the service concerned,
    • comparison of actual and planned values of profits and profitability,
    • coordination of preventive actions and the possible modifications of the marketing budget,
  • recalculation:
    • sales amounts and self-cost  of the planned volume of production,
    • required resource amount and cost,
  • budget feasibility analysis
    • if necessary - next version of budget generation.