ELECTRONIC office  --  e-office --  web-office

Sales marketing channel e-office, that uses possibilities of WebNav internet-application, also allows companies in channels to

    • trade, cooperate and promote effectively
    • create and use e-documents in scope of channel.

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   Order generation
  • Product categories and groups
  • Product lists with photos, specifications, prices 
  • News - new products, prices, discounts
  • Shop, facilities, restaurants disposition map.
  • Cart generation relying on current prices, discounts and warehouse stock balance
  • Cart transformation in order with member debt controle and notifications.
 Order completion controle    Account status controle
  • Order coordination
  • E-document generation
  • Changes and delay discussion.
  • Open document list analysis
  • Invoice and payment archive revision
  • Purchase statistics analysis.
 Event and project management    Budgeting
  • Planning and coordination
  • Cowork with project documents
  • Work account, completion control and evaluation.
  • Sales/purchase budget development and coordination
  • Budget execution controle
  • Budget usage in order generation.

Usage of 'e-office' allows sales channel members to: 

    • convinient way of coworking with automatic archiving,which is used for analysis and controle
    • speed up order processing with les expenditures and members mistakes
    • simplify document flow and optimise warehouse stock volumes
    • raise effectiveness of cooperative planing and channel event arrangement
    • pass and receive demanded information 24/7 on the fly and autonomous.

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